Afrolitt’ meetings

The Afrolitt’ meetings enable people to come together in order to discuss about a novel previously announced by the coordinator and read by the participants.

These meetings take place every nine weeks in Lausanne and Geneva (Switzerland). They are announced through Facebook and/or the Afrolitt’ mailing list and discussions are in French. Anyone interested is welcome to join, independently from one’s knowledge in literature from sub-Saharan Africa and its Black diaspora.

Attendance to the Afrolitt’ meetings is generally free of cost.

Where to find the books?

  • Afrolitt’ collaborates with the bookstore Oraibi + Beckbooks and with the library Infokiosque, two independant structures based in Geneva. Books discussed within the platform are available at both, either for purchase or rental.
  • Most of your local libraries offer online or on-site ordering options for paper-books which they do not have in store. Delivery time can range from a few days to a few weeks depending on the availability of the book. Payment options are usually cash or invoice.
  • Online ordering platforms exist and extend their services to Switzerland and Ghana. Most of these sites require online payment.
  • Some books also exist in Kindle/e-Books format. They can be purchased and downloaded online and are read on screens.
  • You can also find some of the books in your local libraries. For people living in Accra, Libreria Ghana (West Legon) has most of them.

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