1000 Coils of Fear (2022) by Olivia Wenzel

Stories that Haunt Us is a transnational online/hybrid bookclub facilitated and hosted by Dr. Jamele Watkins (University of Minnesota) and Pamela Ohene-Nyako (Afrolitt’/University of Geneva).

It consists of four monthly meetings organized around three pre-selected novels by authors of color:

Fri. 22 Sept., 7:30PM-9PM (CET)
1000 Coils of Fear (2022) by Olivia Wenzel

Fri. 20 Oct., 7:30PM-9PM (CET)
The Shadow King (2019) by Maaza Mengiste

Fri. 17 Nov., 7:30PM-9PM (CET)
The Sentence (2021) by Louise Erdrich

Fri. 15 Dec., 7:30PM-9PM CET

Wrap-up on common themes explored in the three novels


Put into dialogue, the three novels are creative springboards to explore three key themes across genealogy, time, and different geographies:

  • History/memory and haunting: how do authors uncover and narrate hidden and silenced stories? What is their process of bringing back to light what has been kept and is still buried in layers of shadow and denial? Who are the ghosts and why do they linger?
  • Holistic healing : what suggestions do the authors make about individual and collective healing? Is healing always possible? And if yes, what does it require?
  • Violence: to what extent do the authors document, navigate, and narrate on violence? From poetics to crudeness, what is used and to what purpose? Are there any other ways?

Our hope is that the characters and storylines brought to life by the authors will inspire us to go deeper into reflection and to open us to a new range of possibilities and considerations.

Participants are invited to read the books ahead so that conversations can be as participative and fruitful as possible. All books are available at libraries and at your favorite bookseller (if books are not in store, they can be ordered).


Sep 22 2023


19 h 30 min - 21 h 00 min

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