Afrolitt’ is a bilingual platform that uses literature from sub-Saharan Africa and its Black diaspora as a tool enabling critical knowledge and sharing. Its activities take place in Lausanne, Geneva and Accra. They range from reading groups to events around literature, as well as a blog and a web series.
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Afrolitt’ meetings

The Afrolitt’ meetings enable people to come together in order to discuss about a novel previously announced by the coordinator and read by the participants.
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The Afrolitt’ Webseries

The Afrolitt’ Webseries is a series of conversations with special guests, on particular themes, in specific locations.
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The Afrolitt’ Events

The Afrolitt’ events are public events open to anyone who’s interested. They range from public readings to artistic performances around literary art and/or writing. They can also be meetings with writers from sub-Saharan Africa and its Black diaspora.
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The founder

In May 2016, Pamela Ohene-Nyako founded the Afrolitt’ platform which she coordinates as self-employed and in collaboration with external partners.
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