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How can we think about changing societies, multiple identities, human complexity, love, spirituality or relate to the past and traditions? What imaginaries and inspirations nourish these questionings? In what way can these different interrogations help us think about Self, the relationship to all expressions of life and to Universe?

Afrolitt’ is a bilingual literary platform that stems from an Afro-Swiss female standpoint and reality. Its mission is to use Black literature as a tool for critical knowledge, sharing and societal or personal change. The majority of the suggested novels are written by authors of African descent, most of which are women, who question social constructs and issues. Additionally, one of Afrolitt’s goals is to participate in sustaining a pan-African dialogue between Anglophones and/or Francophones from or living in sub-Saharan Africa and people of the Black diaspora.

Its activities take place in Lausanne, Geneva and Accra. They range from reading groups to events around literature, as well as a blog and a web series.

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