The Afrolitt’ Webseries

The Afrolitt’ Webseries is a series of conversations with special guests, on particular themes, in specific locations. The discussions are centred on a novel previously suggested for reading by the host and founder of the literary platform Afrolitt’, Pamela Ohene-Nyako. Topics discussed are numerous and range from issues related to gender, community, racialization, sexuality, to questions about religion, love, politics, future, etc. More than a literary conversation, the series seeks to make the themes relatable and to link them to personal experiences and observations.

The first season of the webseries is directed by Rwandan filmmaker and video producer Cynthia Butare and was shot in Accra and Tema from July to August 2017. Other members of the team are Ghanaian photographer Nii Odzenma and Ghanaian-Dutch music and video producer Alex O. Wondergem. Guests are Ghanaian citizens, residents or visitors who were chosen by Pamela Ohene-Nyako depending on their profile, the novel and the themes that were to be discussed.

The Afrolitt’ Webseries is an Afrolitt’ production inspired by the critical approaches and works of Cecile Emeke, Amandine Gay and Ousmane Sembène, as well as by the dynamism and Afrofuturism of the Accra[dot]Alt network and Accra’s art scene. By using visual media, The Afrolitt’ Webseries aims to tackle issues of accessibility, which are recurrent challenges when it comes to Black literature. This first season also seeks to promote Ghanaian creativity, cultural landmarks and entrepreneurship, as well as to put light on alternative narratives and conceptions of society.

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