“Woke up and realized I was free to be anything if it was in integrity with what I dreamed.”

Georgia Anna Muldrow, « Run Away »


Pamela Ohene-Nyako was born in 1991 in Switzerland where she still lives up to this day. She carries a BA degree in International relations and a MA degree in General history from the University of Geneva. She is currently doing a PhD at the Unity of contemporary history and is specializing in the transnational networks and mobilizations of Black European women, 1970’s to 1990’s.


From 2013 to 2014, Pamela has worked more than a year and a half in a private PR and communication agency in Geneva. She started organizing and moderating debates first as a member of the Festival Cinémas d’Afrique in Lausanne between 2013 and 2014, then as a self-employed. She has worked with agencies such as MOA Distribution, Maximage Productions and Afrodyssée. She collaborates on a regular basis with the African Salon of the Geneva International Book and Press Fair.


In May 2016, Pamela founded the Afrolitt’ platform, which she coordinates as a self-employed and in collaboration with external partners.


Pamela is available for external solicitations, such as organizing and moderating public debates or for participating in panel discussions.


You can contact her at info@afrolitt.com and/or follow her on Linkedin.

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